Monday, September 3, 2012

Welcome To The Definitive Golden Rule

Welcome To The Definitive Golden Rule

I finally decided to try the blogspot platform.  Since it's free, I always thought it can't be all that and a bag of chips, but people I respect have been telling me to add it to me online repertoire, so here I am. 

So, why name this, The Definitive Golden Rule?  Well, I really do -- schmaltzy as this may sound -- try to live by the golden rule.  God knows (as well as a lot of humans) that I'm hardly constantly successful in this endeavor, but it's something I"m striving for and it really means something to me.

But there's another reason for picking this title as well.  I intend to mix business with personal life, so a lot of times I'll just be sharing, videos and information about the business I work for as the customer relations manager, Florida Gold Exchange.

So be looking for a little of this and a little of that, here at The Definitive Golden Rule. And be sure to leave me any comments or questions you may have.

Mark Allen
Customer Relations Mngr: Florida Gold Exchange

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